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  • An autonomous vehicle (AGV) is a self-driving vehicle that follows a predefined path utilizing different technologies such as magnetic strips, rails, lasers, or GPS. They're frequently utilized to move items like goods, raw materials, pallets, and other items. Originally employed in industrial settings, they are now being used by businesses more often. We'll show you how to pick the right self-driving robot automobile in this post.
  • Introduction to transport robots & sorting


    2021-07-11 21:09:05

    Self-propelled vehicles or transport robots AGVs are smart factory devices that have been widely used. In many areas, such as manufacturing lines, warehouses, e-commerce warehouses, supermarket systems, and hospitals, we witness self-propelled vehicles and robots pulling products. It is possible to classify robots as having a transportation role. Manufacturing and service businesses have progressively adopted this practice. Because it increases worker productivity, allows for easy automation, and lowers labor costs and hazards. Let's have a look at the substance of this product in the transport robot article below.
  • As items travel through the supply chain, cargo robots automate the storage and movement of goods. They are commonly used in warehouses and storage facilities to sort and transfer things, a process known as intralogistics, but they may also be employed in other contexts. Logistics robots have a far higher uptime than manual labor, resulting in increased output and huge profits for companies that utilize them.
  • Autonomous Robots: Applications & Benefits


    2021-07-10 20:38:33

    Autonomous robots, like humans, are capable of making and carrying out their own decisions. Self-propelled robots can sense their surroundings, make judgments based on what they perceive and/or have been taught to identify situations, and then move or function in that environment.
  • One of the most pressing issues since the dawn of human civilization has been transportation. Light-weight objects are still transported in wheelbarrows or tiny tractors, despite the fact that truckloads now travel thousands of kilometers. Transport robots have been developed for transportation and logistics in the manufacturing industry.
  • When we think about the fourth industrial revolution, we automatically think of robots, which are the most prevalent use in the manufacturing industry. The robot is designed to be a multi-programmable universal hand that can perform all human tasks. To improve efficiency and integrate into the global market, businesses have gradually replaced people with autonomous palletizing robot systems, notably in the process of transporting and arranging items in warehouses.
  • After AGV manufacturer Kiva Systems was purchased by Amazon in 2012, the Kiva robot was retired and used to improve Amazon's operations, the benefits to the AGV industry increased. According to a Loup Ventures analyst's analysis from 2017, the AGV market might become one of the fastest growing sub-markets in the robotics sector by 2025, with a 35 percent annual growth rate between 2015 and 2025.
  • The mobile robot automobile is unique in that it is extremely flexible and quick at doing tasks in a completely automated way. Mobile robot vehicles might thus be utilized in a number of industries, including construction, agriculture, mining, oil and gas exploration, environmental cleanup, healthcare, entertainment, transportation, and more.
  • It's no wonder that robot vacuum cleaners are in high demand. They're becoming more affordable for businesses of all sizes, as well as more efficient and easier to implement. If you're not sure if Uniduc's materials are appropriate for your project, keep reading.
  • Hiring robots isn't a novel concept. However, because many customers are seeking for flexible automation solutions, it is undoubtedly one of the things that is gaining traction. To satisfy demand, an increasing number of suppliers are turning to new-age rental or leasing options. Robotics as a Service (RaaS) is a new trend that has arrived. Uniduc is following the trend of hiring robots to carry items in AGV warehouses in order to better serve consumers.
  • Don't worry if you can't clean your windows; there's a robot for that. With the touch of a button, the glass cleaning robot cleans windows and other smooth glass surfaces automatically. Continue reading this Uniduc post to learn about the structure of the glass cleaning robot, its benefits and drawbacks, and the current pricing of the glass cleaning robot!
  • In industries, floor cleaning is considered a necessary task. Because the floor will always be unclean or dust particles will be dropped throughout the shifting procedure. Female employees used to do the labor behind the scenes on the factory floor. Industrial floor cleaning robots have taken over that work thanks to advancements in science and technology. The device makes it possible to work automatically, which saves time and effort. The following article's information will assist you in learning more about this product.
  • Suction is created by a motor, which connects the high-rise glass cleaning robot to the glass door. Depending on the model, it covers the window surface with a wheel or rotary pad, sucking up dust and illuminating it with the included microfiber cloth when it's in place. Some higher-end models include an integrated cleaning solution reservoir for even more gleam.
  • Evaluation of glass cleaning robot 2021


    2021-07-03 13:06:32

    On a daily basis, cleaning has become a chore. On the other side, today's sophisticated technology may completely remove this stress. One of the most recent inventions is the glass cleaning robot, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. The Uniduc glass cleaning robot review that follows will help you choose the best gadget.
  • In the cleaning and professional cleaning sector, there is a lot of innovation going on right now. We are seeing a surge in the creation of innovative and creative solutions across all categories, from green cleaning to management and mobility. And it's possible that robots are where the most interesting progress is being done. Uniduc would like to provide you with a list of reasons why you should purchase an industrial cleaning robot.
  • When you hear the term "robot," the first image that comes to mind is probably a metal, humanoid autonomous robot that you have a crush on because of some science or magic. Robots, a creature of twentieth-century fiction, have made the jump from fiction to reality, from farms to Mars and beyond. Restaurant service robots may now cook, clean, and serve in addition to being utilized in the kitchen. The product that Uniduc will discuss in the next article is a restaurant service robot.
  • Overview of the glass washing robot


    2021-07-02 22:16:39

    Window washing has been a necessary component of housekeeping for many years. When working in an apartment or high-rise structure, however, this job might take a long time and can be dangerous. Currently, the fastest window cleaning solution is a glass cleaner robot, which keeps your windows clean while saving you the time and effort of conducting heavy cleaning labor.
  • Which battery technology is the most suitable for AGV? Lead acid, GEL, and Lithium? The optimum technological and economic solution will be determined by your autonomous vehicle system's charging plan. Do you know when it's best to use a specific type of battery? Are you opting for the most cost-effective and technically feasible option? Let's look at the battery technologies that the AGV transport robot system employs.
  • Meeting the increasingly popular demand for industrial automation today, robots, especially goods transport robots in factories, help businesses optimize production lines and ensure throughput and time fastest shipping time. However, currently, what are the best types of cargo robots, which are trusted by many businesses?
  • Automation Guided Vehicle (AGV) is an acronym for Automation Guided Vehicle. This is a smart technology gadget that can move items in factories without the need for human interaction. This technological product can run constantly in the production and is simple to set up and use. Automobile assembly factories, yard systems, and electronic component houses all employ AGVs.... The next article will assist you in comprehending the structure and use of this technological product in greater depth.


  • Production issues in the direction of automation have been widely applied as science and technology has progressed. The sector of carrying items within industries, in particular, has become automated. AGV (autonomous vehicle) is a cutting-edge technological product that can satisfy all of an organization's mobility demands. The following article's information will assist you in learning more about this technological product.
  • You're probably trying to figure out how to automate your manufacturing. How can the factory run more consistently, reducing the risk of businesses running out of workers and workers to run the factory? Or the employees quit, and the department is shut down owing to a lack of personnel.....a lack of personnel is exacerbated by a variety of issues, including inability to meet contract deadlines, damaged goods due to a scarcity of workers, and so on. There are many other issues as well, such as a lack of focus. As a result, many factory owners, product development directors, and business development directors are seeking for items to assist automate their operations.
  • Various automated vehicles, such as forklift trucks, forklifts, forklifts, and tiny cargo robots, are being used in modern supply chains to automate warehouses. These vehicles are proven to be the safest material handling solution for warehouse workers (for repetitive and labor intensive jobs). Continue reading today's post to discover more about the warehouse's AGV vehicle system.
  • The table must go through several steps in order to develop a comprehensive AGV self-propelled vehicle project. In which the design and production stage is a crucial and last step in producing a model based on real data in the factories. What is the foundation for developing and manufacturing self-driving cars? So, what is included in interior design and manufacturing? Let's find out in the next article.
  • Automation Guided Vehicle (AGV) is an acronym for Automation Guided Vehicle. This is a smart technology device that is used to carry items in factories without the usage of humans. AGV robots may work constantly in the production and are simple to install and run. The AGV is continually being developed and upgraded by manufacturers into better new models. Let us learn about the latest version of the robot AGV 2021 in this post.
  • The Covid-19 epidemic has brought to light a concept that has been around for a long time: automation and internet. This tendency has now become a need for every company wishing to thrive in the post-pandemic era. Let's take a look at Uniduc's cafe service robot concept and the technology's future possibilities in this post.
  • Humans are assisted by service robots in a variety of ways. In the service business, robots are used to undertake arduous, time-consuming, remote, dangerous, and repetitive activities. In both their function and appearance, service robots differ from industrial robots that automate manufacturing operations.
  • Paro, a "therapy robot" developed by the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research to assist individuals with dementia, is outfitted with a camera, microphone, and other sensors to respond to inputs. Aside from Paro, current technology has enabled the development of a variety of human service robots.
  • AGV robot transports cartons in warehouse


    2021-06-22 22:27:08

    AGVs are used for material handling of products, which eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming repairs. They are also used for storing and transporting products.
  • AGVs are used for material handling of products, which eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming repairs. They are also used for storing and transporting products. While the technology is still years away, the impact of robots on healthcare is already being felt.
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