The AGV Perbot 2021 is an autonomous vehicle that moves items in a warehouse.

The AGV Perbot 2021 is an autonomous vehicle that moves items in a warehouse.

Admin - 22-09-2021

You're probably trying to figure out how to automate your manufacturing. How can the factory run more consistently, reducing the risk of businesses running out of workers and workers to run the factory? Or the employees quit, and the department is shut down owing to a lack of personnel.....a lack of personnel is exacerbated by a variety of issues, including inability to meet contract deadlines, damaged goods due to a scarcity of workers, and so on. There are many other issues as well, such as a lack of focus. As a result, many factory owners, product development directors, and business development directors are seeking for items to assist automate their operations.

Being aware of the issue Uniduc and a team of technology experts created the AGV Perbot robot product line to help transfer items between lines, blocks, or centers, because Uniduc is also a production unit with common challenges. The automatic movement of items between tiny workshops inside the manufacturing grounds.

Uniduc would like to introduce you to the self-propelled vehicle product line for carrying items in warehouses that Uniduc has recently researched and produced in this article. Many brothers and sisters, buying managers, project developers, and company owners who wish to automate the workshop have offered this product line to the market since the beginning of its development. Uniduc focuses on research and regular software and hardware upgrades to enable the AGV Perbot self-propelled vehicle function more reliably and precisely as a result.

Please contact immediately at: 089 6688 629 (Mr Duc) for a free consultation about this AGV robot right away.

Uniduc would like to introduce you to the amazing characteristics of the Perbot self-propelled vehicle and the benefits of using this product in the following article. This self-propelled vehicle will assist in the movement of items in your plant. Now you can view Uniduc's Perbot self-driving car better and devise the best plan and lay out the tasks for our robot to do in your factory.

I. Outstanding features of Perbot Uniduc warehouse vehicles.

1. The function of walking in the workshop does not need to draw a line on the floor of the workshop like traditional robots.

Uniduc's workshop truck is operated by the most recent robotics industry algorithm, which Uniduc's R&D experts investigated and created. This algorithm eliminates the need for Uniduc's self-propelled vehicle to draw lines or lines. under the workshop is a line Autonomous cars will recognize the workshop's surroundings, know where they are, and then travel to the location where items must be picked up.

The benefit of this function is that it allows the robot to stretch its own routes; the operator just needs to establish destinations for the robot using Uniduc's created App; these destinations are flexible and simple to book. via the simple press of a button on a smartphone's screen or dashboard You just need to let the robot scan once to identify your workshop space, and the robot will use that data to run afterwards. If the autonomous vehicle's operating area changes while it is in operation, the vehicle can autonomously update the map. These data robots can communicate with one another, and only one initial sweeper is required; subsequent vehicles may rely on it to function.

Furthermore, a key benefit of this self-driving automobile is the possibility to minimize your company's investment expenses. Because self-propelled vehicles do not require networks of tape from the workshop's bottom, do not need to be painted, and do not affect the workshop's structure, the damage caused by peeling or blurring paint in Uniduc's Perbot self-propelled vehicle is reduced. Self-driving cars use camera systems from respected firms like Intel and NVIDIA.

2. The ability to avoid obstacles.

When the Perbot vehicle senses an obstruction on the workshop floor, such as a chair or a person walking by, it will automatically identify and stop, and after the object has moved out of the way, an obstacle indicator light will glow. The car will continue on Perbot's path, guaranteeing that the robot improves your workshop's safety, production efficiency, and intelligence.

3. Vehicle control feature, choose the destination to go for the truck to transport goods in the warehouse.

The self-propelled vehicle AGV Perbot is simple to operate. With this self-driving car, you can control it and choose its destination using an app on your phone or computer. You may pick your destination with a simple click on the robot's map. Then you can either schedule a pick-up time or add an extra button to communicate with the robot at that location. All you have to do now is press the robot's pick-up button when the items are ready to be carried.

On the management software, you can see where your car is in the warehouse, which line it is working on, and what job it is doing. You may also split the working area, the vehicle's working area.

4. Feature to report out of battery and go to the location to charge the battery.

The app's battery percentage indication. A report on each vehicle's battery capacity is available in Uniduc's robot management app.


When the vehicle's battery runs out, it may send out a priority signal, allowing it to go to the location where it needs to be charged. At the charging station, at the Uniduc charging station, we're working on a more sophisticated function that will automatically charge the automobile when it returns to the charging station.

5, Long-lasting Battery Life.

Uniduc's Perbot self-propelled vehicle uses the latest Lithium Battery today, which is applied to high-tech industries such as electric cars. In the condition that the Perbot self-propelled vehicle operates continuously, the vehicle can operate continuously for 3 shifts of 8 hours each.


II. The reason you should choose to buy a self-propelled vehicle to transport goods in the Perbot warehouse.

Uniduc engineers studied and created the Perbot self-propelled vehicle, which is based on today's most advanced autonomous vehicle technology. Uniduc has a direct factory in Vietnam, and this self-propelled vehicle is researched and produced by Uniduc engineers. If a technical issue arises that has to be resolved or maintained, we will always assist you as quickly as feasible.

Uniduc's Perbot self-propelled vehicle has a low cost of entry and requires less investment in auxiliary components such as magnetic lines and painting than other AGV vehicles. Uniduc's self-propelled Perbot vehicle optimizes your usage to the greatest extent feasible. When implementing this robot product line into manufacturing processes, think of it as your company's ROE ratio (Rate of Return on Equity Investment). The excellent return on investment is due to the low-cost Perbot Robot product line, which requires minimal maintenance and has readily available replacement components.

When you utilize imported robot goods with expensive initial investment prices and difficult components to acquire, the following are factors that very few other Agv robot product lines bring.


III. How many versions of Perbot warehouse vehicles are available?

The AGV self-propelled vehicle, the Perbot warehouse transport vehicle has 3 versions for 3 transport segments ranging from 100Kg- to 550Kg which are:


1. Self-propelled vehicle AGV Perbot A1. Load capacity from 0 to 120kg


2. Self-propelled vehicle AGV Perbot A3. Has a load capacity of 300Kg


3. Self-propelled vehicle AGV Perbot A5. It is a line with a large capacity of 500kg.

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