Uniduc Robotic | Company of Self-propelled Robots.

Robots AGV Perbot

Robots transporting goods in PERBOT warehouses are flexible and automatic.

Robot Services

Robots serving cafes, restaurants automatically interact.

Picking Robots

You will increase the number of products produced in the same period when you apply Pick & Place and Product Moving Robots of Uniduc.

Factory Automation Consultancy

Do you want to automate your factory and smart production?

Relieving Robots

Contact us and we will support you!

Robots work 24/24

Robots are programmed to coordinate with other parts of the line to help your factory operate 24/24 automatically.


Uniduc Joint Stock Company

Address: No 22, 54 Road, Thao Dien Ward, 2 Ditrict

(028) 3933 7479

Tell: 0903 666 014 (Mr Uniduc)

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://uniduc.com/en


Uniduc Joint Stock Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing automatic production lines, automatic machines, and applied robots. Hopefully, Uniduc is a technology destination where customers lay all their faith on. We will always strive to provide you the best solutions, machines and services.


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